Welcome. This is my WordPress presence, created mainly to support my work on “Flare”, my near-future fiction novel about an impending solar flare and how society, governments and individuals prepare for it, or fail to prepare for it.

In Flare, follow two reporters from the Washington Observer, hot on the trail of what begins as a classified solar activity forecast. Their work leads to the story of the century; maybe longer.

As the story begins, a solar forecaster sees his theory come to life, and as his predictions gain credibility there are those high in government who see the strategic value of knowing what the Sun will do ahead of time; before their international adversaries have any idea. They cannot let the forecast get exposed, but sometimes the truth will find a way.

How do the nations of the world deal with a forecast that may spell doom to their way of life? How will ordinary people take care of themselves and their loved ones when the worst happens? How does life change after a once-in-a-millennium blast from Earth’s life-giving, and life-ending star?

This is a fairly raw work-in-progress, so don’t be surprised if you see some typos, chapter juggling, new material plopped in from time to time, and maybe even wholesale plot revisions. My main objective in sharing this here, on WordPress, is to expose it to a whole new family of beta readers. Your comments are hereby solicited, and I’ll not be offended if you take the time to drag me out of a ditch.

Visit the Blog link to see updated chapters as Flare comes to life. Let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading!